Philosophy Program

Program Events

Yearly Events

  • Faculty and Students
    There are a number of occasions during the year where Philosophy faculty meet with students, sometimes just to socialize, other times for such specific purposes as the following:
    • meeting with prospective majors to talk about Moderation;
    • meeting with Junior majors to discuss the senior project process;
    • meeting with majors to discuss the vicissitudes of applying to graduate school.
  • Senior Project Conference
    Each spring semester, the program holds a Senior Project conference at which seniors present their work in panels of three or four students, moderated byi Junior majors and followed by questions from the audience.
  • Philosophy Speaker Series
    The program hosts a Philosophy Speaker Series, with three or four philosophers each seminar invited to talk about their work.

Current and Upcoming Events

Complicit Responsibility for White Ignorance

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Eva Boodman
Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
at William Paterson University
White ignorance is a pervasive, insidious form of structural racism linked to knowledge-production that operates in habits, norms, laws and institutional practices. Some attempts to address it, however, reproduce it. This is because an inappropriate framework of responsibility tends to be used: a "liability" framework that emphasizes the preservation of innocence through disavowal, with the effect of essentializing racial identity. In this talk I’ll offer an alternative model of responsibility inspired by Iris Young’s social connection model by which dominant identities can be deflated and de-supremicized without disavowal: a model of complicit responsibility.

Eva Boodman is a One-Year Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at William Paterson University. Her work focuses on questions of political responsibility, complicity, and the institutional reproduction of structural racism through prisons, schools, nursing homes, and the non-profit sector. Her most recent publications are on the impact of mass incarceration on women, and for the last 5 years she has taught political philosophy, feminist philosophy, and the philosophy of race in universities and jails.

Time: 4:45 pm
Location: Olin, Room 102
Contact: Oli Stephano
Phone: 845-758-7208

Race and Animals: Reflections on a Contested Comparison

Monday, April 9, 2018

Alice Crary, Professor of Philosophy
The New School for Social Research

Time: 4:45 pm
Location: Olin, Room 102
Contact: Jay elliott
Phone: 845-758-6822