Philosophy Program

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Yearly Events

  • Faculty and Students
    There are a number of occasions during the year where Philosophy faculty meet with students, sometimes just to socialize, other times for such specific purposes as the following:
    • meeting with prospective majors to talk about Moderation;
    • meeting with Junior majors to discuss the senior project process;
    • meeting with majors to discuss the vicissitudes of applying to graduate school.
  • Senior Project Conference
    Each spring semester, the program holds a Senior Project conference at which seniors present their work in panels of three or four students, moderated byi Junior majors and followed by questions from the audience.
  • Philosophy Speaker Series
    The program hosts a Philosophy Speaker Series, with three or four philosophers each seminar invited to talk about their work.

Current and Upcoming Events

Psychiatry's Implicit Adaptationism

Monday, April 8, 2019

Kari Theurer
Trinity College
The concept of dysfunction plays a central role in psychiatry, and particularly in analyses of psychiatric disorder. Psychiatric disorders are defined in the DSM-5, in part, as syndromes characterized by clinically significant symptoms that reflect “a dysfunction in the psychological, biological, or developmental processes underlying mental functioning.” Curiously absent from psychiatric manuals is an account of what constitutes function and dysfunction. I investigate whether philosophical accounts of function and dysfunction can do the work that psychiatry implicitly demands. I argue that one popular account cannot, and that it imports into psychiatry a problematic strain of adaptationism, which falls well short of the requisite standards of evidence in evolutionary biology.
Time: 4:45 pm – 6:15 pm
Location: Olin, Room 102
Contact: Jay Elliott
Phone: 845-758-7280